Jesse Eisenberg Fesses Up: I Did Have A Facebook Account (In Someone Else’s Name)

Best Actor Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg has been asked again and again throughout awards season if he has a Facebook page, a question “The Social Network” star always replied “no” to.

But it turns out, he wasn’t quite telling the truth.

In an appearance on this weekend’s NPR show “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”, Jesse revealed to the news quiz’s host, Peter Sagal, that yes, he did make a Facebook account while preparing for “The Social Network,” only it was in the radio man’s name.

“I had never seen Facebook and then I was rehearsing for the movie and I was, my character was discussing all of these things that I didn’t know anything about. And so I got a Facebook page while I was listening to this show and I didn’t want to use my own name, so I used your name,” Jesse revealed to Peter.

“I’m sorry, what?” Peter asked, shocked.

“I… yes. So, the account [was] deleted soon thereafter. But, it was the strangest thing,” Jesse laughed.

Jesse revealed that while promoting “The Social Network,” when he faced questions about whether he had a Facebook page, he would say, “No,” not explaining the full story.

“I was doing interviews for several months about the movie, and people would always ask me, ‘Do you have a Facebook page?’ And I would always say, ‘No,’ because I had deleted the account,” Jesse laughed. “But people would say that they had looked online the night before and they saw that I did have a Facebook page, and that I had several.

“I would always get like quietly furious that somebody was, you know, pretending to be me. And it never occurred to me, until they asked me to do this show, that I had, I had done that to somebody,” he continued. “And I apologize, you know, if, you know, you have experienced any strange looks.”

With the Oscars marking the end of the awards season, looking back, Jesse said it’s been an unusual time in his life.

“You build up this great anticipation and it’s just, you know, it’s a strange kind of place to live in for several months, with that kind of that anticipation,” he said. “It’s a strange and unsustainable feeling to have.”

“Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me” airs this weekend on NPR member stations nationwide.

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