Jessica Alba’s Live Well Mission!


Thank goodness for celebrities, like Jessica Alba.

Besides being gorgeous, talented and famous, the actress is down-to-earth (no celebrity airs here) and sincerely passionate about healthy living. Besides writing a healthy living handbook, “The Honest Life,” the mother of two has turned her love of natural living into a self-created empire of family-friendly, non-toxic products with her online business, the Honest Company.

“There is no slapping my name on it and getting money,” Jessica declares to Healthy Hollywood.

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Healthy Hollywood got a chance to chat with the inspirational Jessica at the NBC Universal Power of The Purse breakfast in New York City. Jessica shared her hard-won story of success in front of a roomful of entrepreneurial-minded women. And, surprisingly, Jessica says her star power didn’t bring her instant entry.

Jessica was offered all kinds of deals to promote a fragrance, but her heart was set of on building her own brand – no matter how many doors were slammed. “I have always been driven. I have always questioned authority. I don’t take no for answer when I feel passionate about something being right or doing something the right way. This is not from an arrogant or ego-driven place, but from healthy products for families that’s just right. And, making them affordable that’s just right and fundamentally they should be available.”

Jessica says becoming a mother inspired her to create a non-toxic line for parents and kids. During her first pregnancy, she noticed a lack of affordable, safe baby products.

“As a parent, you want to do the best you can to prevent your child from suffering from anything that’s not necessary. And, that’s obviously what you feed them, what you clean your home with, what you clean your laundry and dishes with, what you put on your skin and your babies’ skin and what they ingest at every level,” adds Jessica.

The Honest Company recently celebrated its two-year anniversary and prides itself on being accessible to folks everywhere. Their wide assortment of products is available on-line and shipped directly to your home. And, she says, companies likes hers helps take the guessing game out of which products are best for your family.

“I think we mistakenly trust where we shop and we think if it’s on a shelf and marketed in a pretty way it’s safe and it’s just not. We realize more and more big corporations are just about their bottom line,” states Jessica.

Also, just like us regular folks, Jessica and her husband, Cash Warren, want to live a long and healthy life.

“People want to be healthy and they want to live long and thrive. It’s all about internal health. You want to be able to go and play with kids at the park. It’s about quality of life. You want to be healthy and live day to day in the best way you can,” exclaims Jessica.

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