Joey Pants Loses His Head Over ‘Sopranos’ Photo Spread

Joey Pants isn?t happy with David Chase, and he?s speaking out about it.

The former ?Sopranos? cast member, who lost his head on the show, is losing his temper in real-life over the inclusion of his image in the show?s photo spread in the April edition of Vanity Fair. Joe Pantoliano is up in arms over what Vanity Fair indicates is a model and prop head substitute for his character, Ralph Cifaretto, in the photo (which was used after he had expressed disinterest in appearing in it himself).

(Photo credit: Vanity Fair)

The photo shoot commemorates the show’s upcoming final season on HBO. In true VF fashion, the hyper-realized artistic shoot by Annie Leibovitz has garnered a ton of attention.

Upon seeing the gory photo in the magazine, and seeing the reaction it received from his three young daughters, Mr. Pantoliano fired off a letter to series creator David Chase expressing his dissatisfaction with an image he considers to be in poor taste, and the “despicable, wrong and diabolical” methods used to create the image without his input or permission.

(Photo credit: Vanity Fair)

The Pants-less photo of the show’s dearly departed characters also includes a bloody Vincent Pastore and a roughed up Drea de Matteo, who posed for the shoot despite being absent from the show since their characters’ deaths.

CLICK HERE to read the letter, which includes comments on everything from the original on-air death scene to the height of the photo body-double!

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