John Corbett On Keeping His ‘Sex And The City 2’ Role A Secret From His Mom: ‘She’s Got A Big Yapper!’

By now, it’s no secret that John Corbett has returned to the Fab Four fold for “Sex and The City 2,” but when he filmed his returning role as Carrie Bradshaw’s second big love interest, Aidan Shaw, in Morocco last year, he couldn’t tell a soul.

In fact, before heading out to Morocco, John told a little white lie to his own mother.

“I told my mother I was going to Ireland for a little vacation for two weeks and she bought it, because I had to,” John told Billy Bush for Access Hollywood and “The Billy Bush Show,” on Friday. “Plus, she’s just — she’s got a big yapper. She would have called everybody, and we got away with it. We really got away with it.”

John’s mom wasn’t the only one he fibbed to – he told back in January while promoting his Showtime television series, “The United States of Tara,” where he stars opposite Toni Collette, that he never went to Morocco.

At the time, he said that a picture of him that surfaced suggesting otherwise, wasn’t to be believed.

“I was in Istanbul about six years ago and somebody put a picture up and said I was Morocco,” he told Access at the time.

On Friday, however, John revealed that his universal fibbing was due to “direct orders from [film producer/writer/director] Michael Patrick King.”

“He wanted there to be a gasp in the theater on opening night when people went to see it for the first time,” John told Billy. “So I had direct orders, ‘Don’t tell anybody you’re coming to Morocco. You’re not in this movie!’”

The star added that when he, the women and a handful of new “SATC 2” faces like Samantha’s new hunk Max Ryan (click HERE to read about him), appeared on the scene in Morocco, there was very little fanfare.

“When we started working in Marrakech, I was kind of blown away,” he told Billy. “I thought there’d be paparazzi there from — France is only an hour and a half away, and Madrid. Nobody, even the locals, the people shopping in the local souk, which is in the Medina where they buy all their vegetables and their curvy shoes, [were] just looking at us as if we’re making a telenovela. I don’t think they were aware that those were the girls from New York making the movie.”

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