Jon & Kate Gosselin’s Courtroom Showdown – Judge Orders Couple To Work It Out

Jon and Kate Gosselin arrived to court separately on Tuesday morning in hopes of settling a financial dispute.

The dueling estranged couple both arrived to the Montgomery Courthouse in Pennsylvania around 8:30 AM EDT and spent about an hour inside before leaving.

The couple met with their respective attorneys, a court-appointed arbitrator and a judge.

Kate has alleged that Jon removed $200,000 from the former couple’s joint bank account. However, Jon has denied his withdrawals were inappropriate and fired back at Kate asking her to account for more than $100,000 in withdrawals she has made.

In the courtroom, Kate – who was not wearing her wedding ring – appeared sullen. She was seen working in her checkbook while waiting.

Jon, on the other hand, was quite talkative. The octo-dad was heard talking about men’s suits and taking advantage of a “buy one, get one half off” deal, according to sources in the courtroom.

When Jon and Kate’s lawyers returned from the judge’s chambers, the judge told the dueling spouses to work out the situation amicably and the hearing would be continued until October 26. The judge then urged them to reach an agreement prior to the next hearing. The judge also noted that all previous rulings made by the arbitrator were still in effect and must be followed.

As for the money in question, the judge said anything taken improperly should be returned.

The judge also acknowledged that both Jon and Kate have asked that the hearings be closed to the public, but said the hearings will be remain open and if privacy is what they’re after, then they should settle prior to the next hearing.

Jon and Kate did not look at each other once during the proceedings.

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