Joseph Morgan Talks The Originals, Caroline & Klaus’ Trouble With Marcel

Klaus has relocated back to New Orleans for “Vampire Diaries” spin-off, “The Originals,” but don’t expect the end of Klaus and Caroline just because of the move and Hayley carrying his baby.

“This is 2013, you’ve all seen ‘Modern Family,’ there can be different types of relationships,” actor Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus, joked with at Comic-Con recently.

“That’s really a question I get asked a lot and Julie [Plec, our executive producer] does – ‘What does this mean for Caroline and Klaus?’ … We’ve been told there will be crossovers,” Joseph continued. “They’re very respectful of the fans. They wouldn’t have given me that line in the last episode saying, ‘He’s your first love I intend to be your last,’ if that was just the end of it, would they? I think they know what a powerful thing has been created there and I think they intend to honor it.”

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But keeping Klaus’ focus in New Orleans will be Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), a vampire Klaus built up before he departed the city, only to come back and find him running the town, and causing big trouble for the witches.

“How much trouble is he gonnna be? He’s gonna be a walk in the park, mate, I’ll take care of him in a heartbeat,” Joseph joked. “In all seriousness, he has the numbers. That’s what he has over Klaus. Klaus is a far more powerful creature, but Marcel has a huge amount of followers, so it’ll be interesting to see what an army can do against a one man army.”

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Klaus didn’t offer a typical reaction when they hybrid immortal character found out Hayley was carrying his child (something he didn’t think was possible), but Joseph thinks there is some humanity left in his character – especially when Caroline is involved.

“I think Elijah would like to say there is definitely some. Klaus has had now quite a sort of drawn out romance or attempt at romance with one of the characters, Caroline Forbes… She said, ‘I know you’re in love with me and anyone that’s capable of love is capable of being saved,’ so I would say that there’s a little humanity left in him,” Joseph said. “The trouble is though, every time we feel like it’s coming through and we’re rooting for him, he does something terrible to break it all back down again.”

Joseph said he hopes the baby will bring more of a sort of kindess out of Klaus.

“I’m hoping there will be even more opportunity to see that side of him — the vulnerable side of him. I’m also interested to see what will happen to anyone who tries to get in the way of that to do anything to that baby, because I feel like now he really has something to stand by, something to defend and I think that’s going to be kind of beautiful,” he said.

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“The Originals” premieres on October 3 at 9PM and moves to its regular night and time – Tuesdays at 8 PM, beginning on October 8.

-- Jolie Lash

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