Josh Brolin On Prop 8, George W. Bush & Working With Wife Diane Lane

Josh Brolin stars in the upcoming movie, “Milk,” which chronicles the life of Harvey Milk, opposite Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch and James Franco — the first openly gay man voted into public office in America. caught up with Josh, who plays Dan White — the man who shot and killed Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone in 1978 — earlier this week, to talk about the recent passing of California’s Prop. 8, George W. Bush’s thoughts on the movie “W,” and why he will never star opposite his wife, actress Diane Lane.

Josh said he understands why the media has questioned if “Milk” should have opened prior to the election, but said he is unsure if the movie would have had any effect on voters.

“I understand the [question of] timing… if we had come out earlier, would it have affected [the election] more?” Josh said. “Did ‘W’ really affect the election? Who knows? You can only speculate. Nobody really knows.”

Josh said he was “extremely surprised” that the controversial amendment to California’s state constitution passed, and questions why people even care about what others do in their own lives.

“Who gives a s***! Who cares!” Josh said. “Doesn’t mean [gay and lesbians people] are going to stop kissing in the streets, just cause they can’t get married. And that’s the issue for the religious, that it’s visible and it’s always going to be visible, it ain’t going to go away.”

“Gay life is more mainstream, but at the same time, things like this happen and you go, ‘You got to be kidding me!’ especially in California,” he continued. " I think it’s awful, but I understand it, everybody has their perspective.”

Josh, who enjoys playing dark roles, used his understanding of unpopular perspectives to channel the character of Dan White.

“I can sympathize with any human being, in that they’re human. I identify with emotions, behavior, frustration,” he said.

Josh took on another divisive character in “W,” in which he played President George W. Bush. Though the film was met with criticism from supporters of the President, he apparently has a fan in the Oval Office.

“I heard George W. saw the movie and liked it,” he said. “I would love to talk to him about the accuracies of what we did.”

One role that Josh won’t be taking on is anything opposite his wife, actress Diane Lane.

“No, we could never do it.” Josh said when asked if would make a movie with the “Nights in Rodanthe” star. “We couldn’t look at each in the eye and act. It would be impossible… it would be non-stop laughing. It would be ridiculous.”

When it comes to the projects Josh picks, he said it’s about being happy with the mark he leaves.

“Does this feel good, do I like this legacy that I’m leaving,” he pondered. “I feel really good about my work. I love the filmmakers [I’ve worked with] and I love the films [I’ve done]” he said.

Even when asked the hard questions about his career choices.

“What the f*** is up with the ending of ‘No Country For Old Men’” Josh said, repeating the recent question of a fan. “Who cares?! We’re still talking about it!”

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