Josh Holloway On How He’s Different From His Intelligence Character: ‘I’ve Sent Two E-Mails!’

“Lost’s” Josh Holloway makes his primetime return starting January 7 in CBS’ “Intelligence,” playing a new kind of super-soldier — one who can do marvelous things thanks to the microchip in his brain. But, the actor isn’t quite as technologically savvy as his character, Gabriel.

“He has a supercomputer in his head, which is a bit ironic since I’ve sent two e-mails and one said ‘test,’ pretty much,” Josh laughed when visited him on set in late December.

“I’m not an e-mail guy,” he continued, when Access asked the actor about his “two e-mails” confession. “I don’t Facebook or Twitter, though I use a computer daily, because it’s in our lives. I’m just not ‘on it.’ Thank God for my wife, she’s very on it.”

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Josh and his wife, Yessica Kumala, have their second child on the way and thinking about how much young people use technology is one reason the actor was interested in the new role.

“Also what attracted me to it is that question [of] our relationship with technology; how’s our humanity and technology going to exist together and what does that look like and how does that change the way we communicate? Well, if you’re a teenager, you can’t communicate without your gadget, apparently. So, I worry about that as a father,” Josh explained. “I’m like, ‘OK, you better get up to par, you better know what a ‘like’ is and a Vine and all [these types] of things.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my God. I have to learn these things. But I will. Just enough to communicate with my children.”

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In “Intelligence,” Josh’s character Gabriel can use the microchip in his brain to connect to the global information grid and hack into any data center. It gives him a huge advantage in working on cases for the government’s cyber-security agency under Director Lillian Strand (Marg Helgenberger), and as he is looked after (he is the government’s most valuable asset) by Riley Neal (Meghan Ory).

“It’s really just fast-paced action, posing a lot of questions about humanity and technology and just a very current show, current type of events, current questions we’re asking ourselves, and asking about the government and drones and how much of our privacy is intact and so forth,” Josh said of the new drama. “All these questions are coming up and so it’s a very current show dealing with that and [it is just] fun.”

Two “Lost” alumni are already on board – Zuleikha Robinson and Lance Reddick – and when Access asked who else he’d like to see film a guest spot from his old show, Josh left things open ended.

“All of them! I want them all,” he smiled. “One at a time, bring ‘em, or a bunch. Terry O’Quinn… he’s gotta be a general of something. … Look at the guy, he’s a military something. I would love to have them all in different capacities. [That] would be fun.”

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A special preview of “Intelligence” airs Tuesday, January 7 at 9 PM ET/PT on CBS. The show moves to its regular Monday time period (10 PM ET/PT) beginning January 13.

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