Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks Billionarie Baloney

LOS ANGELES (June 1, 2007) — You would think being named on of the world’s Hottest Billionaire Heiresses by a very reputable financial magazine would be something to crow about.

But for Julia Louis-Dreyfus, not so much.

Julia, who was named to Forbes.com’s Hottest Billionaire Heiress list earlier this month, says it appears a mistake was made.

“It’s not true actually,” she told Access Hollywood. “Forbes made a mistake and I won’t be on the list anymore.”

According to the list, Julia’s dad William Louis-Dreyfus is worth $3.4 billion. But at Thursday night’s Heal the Bay event, Julia shot down the title.

“I wish I was a billionaire but I’m really not,” she insisted. “I guess their fact checker was asleep at the wheel or something.”

But is she pulling our leg?

According to the Access Hollywood research department, the former “Seinfeld” star is indeed the daughter of the French billionaire.

And she even talks about the issue on Monday’s upcoming episode of “Inside The Actors Studio” on BRAVO.

“I was just having a conversation with my sister today saying we don’t know any of our family history,” she says on the show.

Well, not exactly, as host James Lipton asked her about her dad.

“[His name is] William Louis-Dreyfus although he was born with the name Gerard Louis-Dreyfus,” she explained.

“And what is his profession?” Lipton inquired.

“He does stuff that I don’t understand with grains and energy and selling commodities. That goes in one ear and out the other,” she said.

Calls to Forbes for clarification have not yet been returned.

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