Julianne Hough Talks Kicking Butt On The Set Of ‘Footloose’

Kevin Bacon had everybody cut “Footloose” back in 1984. Julianne Hough wasn’t even born until four years later, but now it’s her turn to shine in the remake.

Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos took a trip down to Georgia to see how the two-time “Dancing with the Stars” champ is making her own mark on the rebel dance classic.

“This is not a dance movie at all,” Julianne told Maria. “I mean, there’s explosions and fights and crying… and one dance.”

Julianne is of course joking. “Footloose” is the ultimate dance movie. It’s just the action that has got her attention and she couldn’t’ stop talking about it.

“We’re about to go do the outside scene where they get in the big fight and everything so I get to actually pull somebody’s hair, throw them into the car, it’s going to be fun,” Julianne raved of her action on set.

And Julianne had some fighting words while waiting to shoot another take.

“I love kicking some guys a**” she laughed.

Julianne’s co-star, newcomer Kenny Wormald also got in on the action, filming a fight scene very similar to Kevin Bacon’s in the original movie.

“How true to the original will this be?” Maria asked.

“This is actually very true to the original,” Julianne explained. “It’s a little twist but not so far fetched that you’re upset and you’re mad.”

One twist includes Julianne darkening her trademark blonde hair to match that of the 1984 original Ariel star, Lori Singer.

“This is darker than what you are normally,” Maria noted.

“Yes, I think everyone is kind of over the blonde and I kind of am too,” she said. “I have to say I really like the brunette. I feel like you can actually see my face now.”

Beyond the hair, becoming the character was something Julianne enjoyed.

“Just the process of kind of turning into Ariel was fun. The hair goes darker, they gave me freckles, everyday I get like a new set of freckles,” she laughed.

The costumes in the new “Footloose” are also nearly identical to their predecessors.

“They’re pretty close I mean, I got the red boots, I’ve got the super tight jeans… Obviously this is kind of a throw back from the original,” Julianne explained.

The acting has been a challenge for the “Dancing” and country cutie, but what’s made things easier is the similarities between herself and the character Ariel.

“There’s a lot of similarities between Ariel and Julianne,” she said. “I think… just growing up being Mormon and you know having restrictions and me wanting to rebel.”

“So does that mean that Julianne was a brat to her parents and rebellious to her parents?” Maria asked.

“I wouldn’t say I was a brat. I definitely respected my parents but I would say I was a little rebellious,” Julianne explained. “I mean you’ll see pictures of me when I was, you know, younger where I was wearing shorts that are too short and I’m wearing way more make up than I need to.”

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