Justin Bieber On His Rise To Fame & What He Really Thinks Of Tom Brady’s ‘Do

From public housing with mom to international superstar in less than three years, Justin Bieber’s rise to fame has been extraordinary.

On Thursday, in Part I of our interview, Access Hollywood put the spotlight on Justin Bieber, learning how he went from a local talent show, to posting videos online to becoming a breakout singer. In Part 2, Access’ Maria Menounos gets the scoop from Bieber himself on how the big boys noticed.

“I know that Justin Timberlake and Usher were battling to get you, is that cool to know that these two successful guys would go after you?” Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos, who interviewed Justin in Hawaii, asked.

“It was crazy… When I met Justin [Timberlake] he was really incredible because, you know, I got to meet Jessica Biel. So that was awesome,” Justin smiled.

Loving what he heard of the ‘Biebs’ sound, Usher ultimately won out and set Justin out on a path to stardom.

First came his 2009 debut hit single, “One Time.” That was followed by three other massive singles sold exclusively on iTunes.

Justin’s debut album, “My World,” came out last November and quickly went Platinum.

This past March, Justin’s “My World 2.0,” was released, featuring the hit single, “Baby.”

In October, the disc marked its 27th straight week on the Top 10 album chart — a feat which matched a record set by *NSYNC in 2000.

In addition to his music and good looks, there is another reason for Justin’s appeal – his hair.

“Will you ever cut your hair?” Maria asked.

“Yeah,” Justin said.

”[Will you] lose this ‘do at some point?” Maria probed further.

“Some point, probably within a year,” he said. “I’m not gonna like shave it or anything but it will just be different, shorter.”

Justin isn’t the only one sporting the Bieber ‘do. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a Bieber-esque hairstyle too.

“Is that Tom Brady? It’s not I mean it’s not,” Justin said of Maria’s hair comparison. “He swishes it this way and I switch it this way. I mean, shouldn’t he be having like short hair, he’s like old right? He should have shorter hair. ‘Cause when I’m his age there is no way I’m going to have this hair.”

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