Justin Tuck’s Healthy Gameday Meal Plan! (Healthy Hollywood)

It’s not often Healthy Hollywood gets any props from the macho guys in my office. After all, I typically talk lots of wellness and beauty – not exactly guy fare.

But, the other day I got the opportunity to chat with New York Giants superstar Justin Tuck. Suddenly, my male co-workers blurted out “Really? When? Can I come?”

The sack master was out and about in New York City to celebrate customer appreciation month at Subway restaurants. The Subway Famous Fan popped up at various locations, like a New York City firehouse, a gym and a local Subway to hand out and make subs for fans. I am sure a Tuck-made sub would serve up major bragging rights in the office.

As for meeting the 6’ 5” nearly 270-pound athlete, I was surprised by how sweet and soft-spoken he is. You might say he’s a gentle giant, who told me he can eat a lot of subs. Too many to count!

But, actually, the Giants defensive end takes his nutrition very seriously; especially on game day.

“If you got to go out there and play four quarters you want to have the fuel to finish the game as strong as when you started,” he said.

As for his gameday menu?

“If we’re playing an early game, I would probably get scrambled eggs with peppers and some ham. I also try to eat fruit and drink plenty of water, juices and Gatorade. For later games, I likely eat smoked turkey and a baked potato with broccoli. I want to foods that are healthy and have a lot of energy to it,” he added.

But Tuck really captured my heart, when he revealed his love of yoga. As self-confessed yoga junkie, I have a soft spot for men who do yoga.

And, if you didn’t know, lots of football players are into yoga.

“I think people are starting to figure out we’re doing yoga,” he revealed. “I have been doing it for 9 years. The one thing about football is you get beat up so you’re flexibility goes as the season goes on. I try to do yoga at least once a week and it works for me. It’s about wellness of the body and I think yoga is a way to stay flexible and energized. I promote it 100 percent.”

And Mr. Tuck, well, you have found a new fan in Healthy Hollywood.

-- Terri MacLeod

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