Kate Hudson Blasts Media Over A-Rod Rumors

Kate Hudson might be overjoyed about her blossoming relationship with New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez – but she’s not happy about how their romance plays out in the headlines of tabloids and gossip magazines.

“If I were to sit with people who did these magazines, I would ask them, ‘Why so negative?’” Kate told Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos at the “Nine” junket over the weekend.

“You know, you build people up to destroy them. That’s sort of the game and it makes sense and you get it…but when you know them, and they are these beautiful people who really love what they do, they’re just like everybody else, even though we live in these sort of extraordinary strange circumstances where people are watching you,” she continued.

Despite the public’s fascination with her life and relationship with A-Rod, Kate said she’s able to remain grounded.

“It’s just a really interesting thing to watch. I feel like I now have a good perspective because it’s so insane for me,” she told Maria. “It’s like everyday it’s something just totally crazy.”

And Kate said she’s done trying to shoot down all the different rumors that crop up.

“I used to feel like maybe I should say something just because, [but] then, it’s like being in high school and having somebody say mean things and all of the sudden… you want to go up to them and you want to say, ‘Why would you say that about me? Like, that’s so not [true], are you crazy?’” she explained. “And that’s kind of what it feels like, and then you realize, well they are kind of crazy…if you read two different tabloids in one week, there are two different stories.”

The 30-year-old actress also took exception to the rumors that have involved babies and marriages.

“I’ve been pregnant all year” Kate said, mocking some of the false stories she’s read about herself. " [I’ve eloped] six times…I’m pregnant, I’m God! It’s always something.”

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