Kate Walsh Spotted With New Mystery Man!

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Kate Walsh stepped out this weekend appearing romantic with a new mystery man.

The two look quite chummy, dressed casually and holding hands as they take a leisurely stroll. Access Hollywood has seen pictures of the couple kissing, but the photos were shot too invasively for us to show you.

So is it something serious, or are they just “playing doctor?”

Walsh commented in this month’s issue of Best Life magazine that her career comes before relationships, and that much like her “Grey’s” character, Dr. Addison Shepherd, she’s still looking for that special someone.

“Sometimes I feel like, ‘What am I doing? Am I becoming my character, or is my character becoming me?,’” said Walsh. “I’m starting to get a little superstitious here. I definitely identify with my character in that, romantically at least, this is not where I thought I’d be at 39.”

Has the desire to ride the wave of her career delayed her from getting serious about someone and settling down?

“I feel torn between having the time of my life and wanting very serious things, like a surplus of love for a family and all that,” Walsh says. “But what’s in front of me right now is work. Often, I think it would have been so great if this success had happened when I was 27 or 28, but then again, I wouldn’t have had the maturity then to deal with it and not end up in rehab.”

But with the huge success she’s found on “Grey’s,” along with the prospect of her own spin-off series this fall, Walsh is definitely living the high life.

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