Katherine Heigl Explains Emmys ‘S’ Bomb

FOX censors may have silenced it, but millions of people caught “Grey’s Anatomy” beauty Katherine Heigl mouthing the “s” word, when she won Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at Sunday night’s Emmys.

Backstage, Heigl revealed it was her mother’s attempt to calm her down – by suggesting to Katherine that she wouldn’t win, which led to the muted, on-air expletive.

“She’s the biggest supporter of mine in the universe so if she was like, ‘You know what? I love you, I think you deserve it but I don’t think you’re going to get it this year,’ I was like ‘You are right!’ and I totally calmed down and relaxed,” Heigl recounted to Access. “I was like ‘Cool’ and ‘Everything’s fine!’ My heart rate slowed down [then] they said my name and I nearly just sh** myself. So that’s where that came from.”

After winning her award, TV cameras also captured Heigl embracing one of her closest friends – her “Grey’s” co-star, T.R. Knight. After their hug and a smooch, Heigl told Access following the ceremony, that she wanted to drag him up on stage for a spot of handholding during her acceptance speech.

“I wish I could’ve brought him up,” she said. “That would have really helped me out because we kind of tend to do it all together, all the press together and we’re really good with each other so it works great. That would have been fun.”

The actress, who plays the lovable, yet messed up intern Izzie Stevens on “Grey’s” told Access, there was just one person she missed celebrating her win with — fiancé Josh Kelley.

“He’s in Vegas doing a show at the Venetian, which is such a bummer,” she sighed. “He’s only an hour away but he can’t get here and this moment is something to be shared with the people that I love the most.”

As for that award itself, Heigl says it already has a special place in her heart, and soon, a special place in her home.

“I’m trying to figure out where I will see it most frequently,” she said. “It’ll just go like, right at the end of the bed so I can look at it at night as I fall asleep. This is pretty amazing. I think I could survive if it never happened again just with this moment.”

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