Katherine Heigl Talks Revealing Too Much In Her ‘Ugly Truth’ Intimate Moment

Katherine Heigl is worried she may have revealed too much in a much talked-about scene in her new movie, “The Ugly Truth.”

“It was a very physical scene,” she said of a business dinner that gets a little heated thanks to a pair of vibrating panties, recalling Meg Ryan’s famous “When Harry Met Sally” outburst. “It has an opportunity to be very revealing in a way that I’m not sure I want the world to know what I’m like in that moment.”

But the “Grey’s Anatomy” star said her performance was a ways away from the bedroom.

“It’s very exaggerated,” she said. “I’m looking for the comedy as much as possible but I wasn’t really sure where it was going to go when we started that day.”

On the funny front, Katherine said that the film’s R-rating helped her “wiggle.”

“I loved it,” she said. “My humor gets to be a little raunchy. That’s where I go, so with an R-rating it works better.”

Still, Katherine said she was glad her mom wasn’t on the set for that scene – and grateful to have musician husband Josh Kelley around during filming.

“That would’ve been awkward,” she laughed. “I always love having Josh around – he’s been so supportive. He’s also working, so if I can just lure him in for a good week or two I’m really excited. People really love him, he just a great guy and a great time and plus, he sings.”

“The Ugly Truth” hits theaters on July 24.

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