Katy Perry To Take Russell Brand’s Last Name, Sends Message To Helen Mirren: ‘Step Off My Man!’

Katy Perry is adjusting to life as a wife – so well, in fact, that she’s getting used to being called by her famous husband’s last name.

“Sometimes when people try and get my attention like, at an event or something like that, and they want special attention, they go, ‘Mrs. Brand!’” Katy told Ellen DeGeneres, in an interview that will air on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday.

“I’m like, ‘Whoosh!’” Katy added, while whipping her head around.

The “Teenage Dream” singer revealed that not only is she getting used to being “Brand”ed, she’s going to make the new moniker official.

“Are you thinking of changing your name at all?” Ellen asked the popstar.

“Yes, I am, actually,” Katy revealed. “I’m in the process.”

Though Katy may have taken Russell’s name, one of his recent co-stars may be vying for the comedian’s heart – Helen Mirren. The Academy Award-winning star recently completed work on “Arthur” and “The Tempest” with Katy’s husband.

“You know that Helen Mirren has a crush on your husband?” Ellen asked Katy.

“Yeah, [Helen] needs to step off my man!” Katy exclaimed, while the audience cheered.

““I’m joking,” Katy laughed. “Actually, I kinda don’t mind that someone takes some of the responsibility, ‘cause [Russell] is a lot of work.”

“He does seem like a handful,” Ellen added.

“Yeah, you know, handful’s are also really fun,” Katy smiled. “There’s never a dull moment.”

The chart-topper continued to sing her man’s praises after Ellen called him “fantastic.”

“[Russell] is a smorgasbord of things,” Katy agreed. “A sense of humor’s really important in our household. I think that’s how like, [we] de-stress, and you know, we like to have a laugh.”

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