Keeping Your Weight Loss Resolution! (Healthy Hollywood)

Hard to believe, but we’re already a month into 2014. So, how’s your New Year’s resolution doing? If you’re like most folks, you’ve probably blown your steadfast plan to drop 20 pounds or hit the gym every day.

I know I pinned Cameron Diaz to my refrigerator to remind me every time I opened the door I was another high calorie treat away from not getting her body.

Guess what? It’s the first week in February and I still don’t have Cameron’s super-fit body! Poor me!

Maybe my goal, like many folks, was a bit too lofty to achieve and I set up myself up for failure.

“A better way to set a goal is that instead of picking one thing you’re going to cut out, try to pick a few different areas you want to improve. I want to add this food to my diet or I want to try this type of exercise,” nutritionist Lauren Slayton reveals to Healthy Hollywood, adding, “You need a road map of how you’re going to achieve goals.”

Lauren, who also wrote “The Little Book of Thin,” and I chatted about all things nutrition at Radio Shack’s event In New York City. The event showcased the latest fitness gadgets. Wearable technology, like fitness tracker Fitbit is one of the year’s hottest trends. And, Lauren thinks these gadgets are a good way for folks to stay on track.

“It’s great for those who are just beginning an exercise program and might be intimidated to go to the gym. It can help you get a baseline of how active you are,” she adds. “And, for those who do exercise, it can help motivate them to stay active all day. After all, when we sit for an hour or two hours our fat is redirected toward storage. So, we aren’t burning calories, we are storing fat at a higher rate. So, even something simple like standing or taking a water break can make a big difference.”

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