Kellan Lutz Gets Shirtless For Clothing Campaign, Talks ‘Immortals’ Protein-Packed Diet

Kellan Lutz is baring his torso again for a new set of ads for a clothing label he now has a hand in.

The ab-tastic “Twilight Saga” star not only got shirtless, posing alongside supermodel Anne V for a series of new pics for the Abbot + Main by Dylan George Fall 2011 campaign, but he helped design some of the newest range, which launches in Fall 2011.

As for that picture-perfect body, Kellan actually revealed he had some help maintaining it while filming “Immortals,” alongside new Superman “Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill, and upcoming “The Hobbit” actor Luke Evans, up in Canada recently.

“We also had trainers and nutritionists,” Kellan told Access Hollywood at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego, of life on set of the Tarsem Singh-directed film, which is due out on November 11. “I felt pampered. I want to do a movie like that every time because you’re eating right. My biggest let down is when I have catering in front of me or Craft Service, I’m like, ‘Ooh! M&Ms! Gummy Bears!”

To maintain their physiques (Tarsem told his actors he wanted eight, not six packs), Kellan said the group, who play Greek gods, and a mortal or two, were eating all the time.

“Lot of protein,” the actor, who plays Poseidon in “Immortals,” said. “We had workout regimes and [we’re] just constantly eating. We always had someone bringing us chicken, tuna, steak sometimes, but every hour it seemed like.

“They’d switch it up, it wasn’t just meat, meat, meat, there’d be carrots,” he added. “And we had salads here and there and we’d have a mix of mango salsa, it was just really a diverse grouping of food and small portions too.”

While Kellan is in remarkable shape, he had praise for his “Immortals” co-star Henry, who recently bulked up even more to play Superman, which just started filming in Chicago.

“Henry is ripped. He’s ripped, especially now for him playing Superman. It was just really cool to be around so many guys and there was no competition,” Kellan told Access. “Everyone was just very much encouraging and you know, we’d spot each other and we’d just have fun.”

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