Kellie Pickler: Love & Life After ‘Idol’

Simon may have been on her side to the very end, but it wasn?t enough to keep Kellie Pickler on ?American Idol.?

Now, three weeks after getting voted off, the southern darling is prepping for the ?Idol? tour, and she stopped by the Access Hollywood stage to answer questions about her love life. 

On Wednesday night?s ?American Idol,? Ryan Seacrest noticed Kellie and fellow former finalist Ace Young sitting together in the audience.

?Did I just spot a happy couple here? Is there something you want to tell us Pickler and Ace?? Seacrest joked. ?This just surprised me.?

Leave it to Ryan to send the rumor mill into overdrive. But is there really something going on between Kellie and female fan fave, Ace?

Access sets the record straight.

?We?re just friends,? Kellie told Nancy O?Dell. ?In all honesty, we?re all just really good friends.?

?No hanky panky going on?? Nancy grinned. ?He?s very cute.?

?No hanky panky,? Pickler insisted. ?He is cute.?

?Why don?t you go for it,? Nancy laughed.

?I?m just not interested,? Kellie said. ?I love him. He?s like my brother.?

So, there you have it ? no romantic sparks between Kellie and Ace. But we did find out that Kellie?s heart is taken.

?I?m the biggest shoe addict. I?m addicted to shoes,? Kellie admitted.

And when she hits the road this summer with the rest of the top 10 ?Idols? for the ?American Idols Live? tour, Kellie has a plan to satisfy her craving.

?I?m going to buy a pair of shoes in every city that I go to, and I think we?re going to, like, 43 cities,? Kellie told us.

But new shoes aren?t the only updated thing about this ?Idol? fashionista?s look.

?You cut your hair,? Nancy commented. ?What made you decide to do that??

?I did. I chopped it all off,? Kellie said. ?I was going through this stage and I kind of wanted something new and different, so, I just cut it off.?

The first time we saw Pickler?s perky new ?do was during an emotional reunion with her father just after his release from prison.

?We all make mistakes, and I am so glad to have you back in my life,? she told her dad.

?I was so glad to see him,? Kellie told us. ?We got reunited again, and it was so beautiful. So sweet.?

It was so meaningful for Kellie that she teared up as she watched it back in our studio.

?How did that moment feel?? Nancy asked.

?I just felt like I had to get up there and speak about, you know, ?I love you. I miss you. I?m glad to have you back in my life.? You know, it?s all about forgiveness,? Kellie concluded.

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