Kellie Pickler On Her Older Man Crush: Clint Eastwood

Kellie Pickler has a crush on an older man.

The country cutie, currently on tour with BFF Taylor Swift, told country music Web site The Boot that she is all a flutter over Clint Eastwood.

And she revealed her uber-crush when asked whose cell phone number she wishes she had.

“Clint Eastwood’s! I’m in love with Clint Eastwood,” she told the Web site. “I don’t care [that he’s older]. He is the man! I just think he’s awesome. I love all his movies. He’s an incredible director. I’m a huge fan.”

But while she may get butterflies over the Oscar winner, when asked if she could clone one man to keep to herself, Kellie revealed she doesn’t need a man at all.

“I don’t need a man. I’d clone myself. The world needs two Picklers,” she said.

In one way, there are two Picklers, especially when Kellie looks in the mirror, something she admitted to doing regularly.

“[I look in the mirror] every time I walk past one,” she revealed. “It’s not like a [vanity] thing. It’s just when you see a mirror, a lot of times I think it’s somebody else, and I have to check to make sure it’s me. If you walk by and there’s a person there, you always just look at the person walking by you. And then you realize your makeup is messed up, and you have to stop for a second to fix it or fix your hair.”

And speaking of hair, although she is known for her trademark platinum blonde, Kellie is itching for a new hair color.

“I actually want to be a redhead,” she said. “Redheads — they kind of beat us [blondes]. I’d much rather be a redhead than a blonde.”

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