Kelly Osbourne Defends ‘Hardworking’ & ‘Respectful’ Miley Cyrus: ‘She Has Learned Her Lesson’

Kelly Osbourne is standing up for her new friend, Miley Cyrus, amidst reports that Kelly’s mother, Sharon Osbourne, believes the former “Hannah Montana” star is a bad influence on her daughter.

“Just read in the rags that apparently my mum thinks Miley is a bad influence on me it could not be father from the truth!” Kelly Tweeted on Tuesday. “Actually it’s the other way around Miley has us all on a health kick. Gym/early nights There [sic] really scraping the barrel on that one!”

The former “Dancing with the Stars” runner-up continued her Tuesday tirade against the tabloids, Tweeting, “This really makes me mad. Miley is one of the most hard working respectful women I have ever worked with I am learning a lot from her!”

Kelly, 26, and Miley, 18, who co-star in the upcoming film “So Undercover,” have become “really close” while shooting the action comedy.

“Miley and I have become really close I’m sick of all the haters judging her she mad [sic] one mistake and trust me she has learned her lesson!” Kelly Tweeted, referring to Miley’s highly publicized salvia-smoking incident earlier this month.

The former reality star further drove her point home by Tweeting a picture of the two ladies laughing while holding frosted cupcakes with the caption, “This is how im [sic] a bad I influence on Miley I force her to eat cupcakes so I don’t feel so bad about eating one!”

As previously reported on, TMZ posted a video earlier this month showing Miley with her mouth over a bong device, appearing to breathe in a smoky substance emerging from the pipe. In the video, Miley, who can be seen smiling at the camera and at one point (while Bush’s “I Don’t Want To Come Back Down From This Cloud” is playing in the background), says, “Having a little bit of a bad trip.” A source told the website the substance in the bong was salvia.

According to TMZ, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency considers the herb a “drug of concern.”

Additionally, according to, which has tracked Salvia’s legal status in the United States, the herb, described as a “powerful consciousness-altering” substance, is legal in California.

“So Undercover” is slated for theatrical release in 2011.

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