Kevin Connolly Gears Up For Entourage Movie; Talks New Comedy’s HIMYM Lead-In

Production is about to begin on HBO’s “Entourage” movie, Kevin Connolly confirmed on Wednesday.

“Tomorrow’s Day 1 of the ‘Entourage’ movie, so I leave here and get on a plane [and] go to Miami to start shooting tomorrow,” Kevin told on Wednesday morning, when we sat down to talk to him about his upcoming CBS comedy, “Friends with Better Lives.”

Filming the “Entourage” movie won’t conflict with his new series, about a group of friends at various points in their romantic and professional lives, set to premiere on CBS this March following the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother.”

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Kevin’s new comedy also stars Majandra Delfino (she plays his TV wife), James Van Der Beek, Brooklyn Decker, Zoe Lister-Jones and Rick Donald. Knowing his new project has such a prominent lead-in on CBS is something for which Kevin said he is grateful.

“I would imagine that — and again, I might be way off and I might be making up stats here — I can’t imagine in the last few years anyway a better lead in,” he said. “A show of that magnitude coming to a close? … I would imagine, at least in the last few years, it’s the best springboard lead in that’s been available to any new show.

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“For us, it’s a great vote of confidence, just in the sense that they have that kind of faith in us,” he added.

Kevin’s former HBO show-turned-movie was always peppered with great guest stars, but don’t expect any crossover actor action from “Entourage” to “Friends with Better Lives” — at least not right away.

“You don’t want to blur any lines. It can be tricky thing. It might be weird for audiences to see Adrian Grenier on ‘Friends with Better Lives.’… You’d be breaking the fourth wall in a sense,” Kevin said. “So I don’t know. Maybe down the road if, God willing, the show went for a bunch of years. … I think you need to create a little distance between the two before you can start doing that.”

“Friends with Better Lives” premieres March 31 on CBS.

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