Kid Rock: Hard Knocks At The Hard Rock?

LAS VEGAS (January 2, 2007) — What happens in Vegas, usually stays in Vegas. But for Dave Stann, a case of mistaken rock star identity is making national news.

Stann, a professional poker and blackjack player, was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve with his girlfriend and as the two were getting ready to go to sleep around 6 a.m., they heard someone “punch the door very loud.”

As Stann explained to Access Hollywood, when he looked through his room’s peephole, he saw “two linebacker dudes.” According to Stann, it was two of Kid Rock’s bodyguards looking for rocker Tommy Lee.

“What’s up?” Stann asked the men through the door.

“Is Tommy in there?” one of the men asked.

“There’s no Tommy in here,” Stann replied.

But Kid Rock’s bodyguards apparently weren’t buying it and allegedly began punching and kicking the hotel room door. According to reports, Kid Rock heard that Pamela Anderson was hanging out with her other ex, Tommy Lee, and Kid thought the two were in the suite occupied by Stann - an 11th floor suite on a floor that can be accessed only by a VIP room card.

Understandably nervous, Stann and his girlfriend called hotel security. When security arrived several minutes later, they told him the two men were the singer’s guards. While Stann said he didn’t see Kid Rock through the peephole, he says he may have been in the hallway.

According to reports, a rep for the Hard Rock said Kid Rock was “looking to settle a dispute over ex-wife Pamela Anderson.” But when Kid Rock realized he was at the wrong door, “the gentleman that he is, signed an autograph for the apparent fan” and left.

However, Stann told Access Hollywood he never received an apology or an autograph.

And what were all these stars doing in Sin City?

Tommy Lee, performed at the Hard Rock on New Year’s Eve, while Anderson was hosting the New Year’s Eve party at Venetian hot spot Tao and Kid Rock hosted and served as deejay at Jet at the Mirage on Sunday night.

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