Kirstie Alley Thinks ‘Two And A Half Men’ Needs A Casting ‘180’

As the Charlie Sheen saga continues to unfold, Access Hollywood caught up with some of Hollywood’s biggest names who offered up their thoughts on the former “Two and a Half Men” star and the future of the CBS sitcom.

Kirstie Alley, who was brought in to replace Shelley Long on “Cheers” in 1987, thinks the CBS sitcom needs to go in a totally different direction if they decide to replace Sheen.

“When I did ‘Cheers’ they weren’t trying to cast someone similar, they [did], you know, pretty much [a] 180,” she told Access at the opening of her Organic Liaison store in Los Angeles. “[Charlie] is really good at what he does. Shelley [Long] was really good at what she did, and I don’t think you try and compete with that.”

Access also caught up with many of the participants of Donald Trump’s Comedy Central Roast in New York City on Wednesday night, who also weighed in on the Sheen situation.

“Charlie has taken it too far, he should have stopped after the first day. After the first day, it was great. Day two, it became a little bit repetitive and a little strange. Day three, it became very strange and no good,” The Donald told Access. “He really took it too far. He’s a good guy, he’s got a lot of problems. He just has to sort of lay low now for a while.”

“Celebrity Apprentice” contestant and actress Marlee Matlin said she identified with Sheen’s struggle.

“Being sober for 24 years…I understand what he’s going through,” she told Access. “I feel like he’s probably detoxing right now… I’m glad he’s not using, you know – we have to take his word for it. But, Charlie, you know, with lots of love and from my deepest heart, just please go hibernate. Just for a while.”

Recently retired talk show legend Larry King expressed his concern for the actor and the Sheen family.

“I’m sorry for him, I know his whole family… Martin [Sheen] is a good guy, back when I had my heart attack in 1987, the first guy to come to the hospital was Charlie’s father. Good guy,” Larry said. “They’re a good family and I’m sorry for him.”

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, who has worked with the actor on his hit FOX animated series, told Access that the Sheen in the media is not the man he worked with.

“My working experience with him, he was very normal, he was very grounded,” Seth said. “So, I have not met the other Charlie Sheen in person.”

Funnywoman Whitney Cummings said the Sheen saga is helping her do her job, regardless of how serious the situation might be.

“For comedians nothing’s off limits…we’re the ones that make people laugh about serious stuff, “she told Access. “We’re like, ‘Oh thank God! Now we have some material.’ You know, so, I hope he runs for office or something!”

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