Kirstie Alley’s Ballroom Blunders: ‘If This Was A Sitcom, I Couldn’t Write This Better’

Kirstie Alley and professional partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy suffered their second ballroom mishap of this season’s “Dancing with the Stars” when the former “Cheers” actress’ shoe wrestled its way off her foot during what started out to be, a beautiful waltz on Monday’s show.

“Is there like a curse – an injury curse going on?” Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson asked the dancing duo following Kirstie’s show snafu.

“We didn’t injure ourselves today. Last time my ego was injured,” Maks said, recalling his own incident last week, where he suffered a muscle cramp just a few beats into their number.

“Look, here’s the deal, we’re playing hardball, we’re not p***ying around out there,” the sassy Kirstie added. “We’re not dancing, we’re sort of in a football game. I think we gotta get on the dance floor. You know, we’re running, we’re being tackled.”

Based on their “DWTS” experiences thus far, Maks suggested that he and Kirstie are in a league of their own.

“There’s two shows going on at once, there’s nine couples that are competing for the mirrorball trophy and then we also have ‘Maks and Kirstie!’ Let’s see what else they can do,” he smiled.

Maks tossed Kirstie to the floor as part of their waltz last night, but it was when she didn’t get up right away, and fans saw her struggling with her footwear that everyone realized something had happened.

“My shoe came off and I’m going… Look, I don’t have any dance experience, so I’m going, ‘I could clearly dance barefoot, but I can’t get the strap up,’” she recounted.

Kirstie said she couldn’t get the shoe off because it was on “really tight.”

When she and Maks finally connected and the dance resumed, shoe-tastrophe over, the actress had only a few words to say, all of them too rude to print.

“Expletives,” she laughed.

If she makes it through another week with partner Maks, Kirstie is hoping she can make up for some of their past ballroom fumbles.

“I want to be good, I do,” she protested. “I don’t want to be doing comedy without knowing it.

“If this was a sitcom I couldn’t write this better, but it’s happening and it’s freaking me out,” she added with a laugh.

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