Kristen Bell On The Impact Of Her Anti-Paparazzi Crusade (Exclusive)

Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepard have taken a vocal stance against the paparazzi, specifically when it comes to taking unauthorized photos of stars’ children.

And since launching their crusade earlier this year, Kristen admitted she has been pleasantly surprised by the response.

“I have been, truthfully since the day I started talking about this ‘No Kids Policy,’ shocked that people even listened,” Kristen told Access Hollywood’s Liz Hernandez in a new interview. “So I’m really happy with the way that the whole campaign has progressed and I’m happy that there are more informed consumers out there.”

The actress/mom also said as more magazines and entertainment news shows take the pledge of agreeing to not use or show unauthorized photos of kids (“No Kids Policy”) there has been a noticeable effect on paparazzi behavior.

“In New York a couple of weeks ago, where I was doing press for the ‘Veronica Mars’ movie and Dax was outside the hotel walking around with the baby, and as he was coming in the doors of the hotel there was a paparazzi there and when he saw that Dax was with the baby, he put his camera down,” she revealed.

Other celebrity moms, like Jennifer Garner, have also taken notice of the changed paparazzi behavior – and the star offered some praise towards Kristen.

“They’re so much better,” an emotional Jennifer — who has also spoken out about the paparazzi’s handling of child photos — told Liz during the press junket for new film “Draft Day” in March, referring to the paparazzi. “My kids are less aware and we do so much more as a family…I’m just very, very grateful.”

Tune-in to Access Hollywood on Friday, April 25 for more of our exclusive interview with Kristen Bell, where she talks more about her “No Kids Policy,” posing nude for the new issue of Allure magazine, and whether she’d be on board for a sequel to Disney’s smash animated hit “Frozen” (check local listings).

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