Kristi Yamaguchi’s Winning Lifestyle

In today’s Healthy Hollywood feature: It’s been over 20 years since Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi skated her way into our heart. America’s ice queen continued her reign in the spotlight as professional skater and the winner of “Dancing with the Stars.” These days, her main focus is being a mother to two young girls and making sure they’re growing up with healthy lifestyle.

“I think being a mom now it’s finding ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make the right wholesome choices, whether it’s nutrition for the whole family or physical activity,” she revealed to Healthy Hollywood.

Healthy Hollywood chatted with Kristi about kids, her wellness routine and how she makes sure to not just talk, but actually walk the healthy walk.

“I do try to lead by example for them and prepare for myself what I would want them to eat. Also, it’s great because they do learn in school about healthy nutrition and kid of talking about that with them and encouraging them to get all the right balance of food in their life,” she adds.

And, it’s her passion for healthy food that motivated Kristi to become a paid spokesperson for Alpine Lace 25 percent Reduced Fat Swiss cheese.

“It is the perfect pairing because I love cheese and I think it’s the perfect snack to pair with a fruit or some of my other favorite things, like apples and crackers. These are the types of snacks that I feel comfortable with and know my kids will like. It’s important to have ready to go snacks that I can easily pack in between practices, school, dance and everything.

They need to have water and other things available to keep their bodies energized,” explains Kristi.

Kristi says her daughters won’t probably fall her footsteps and become pro skaters, but she makes sure athletics are an important part of their life.

“It’s not necessarily wanting them to excel at a particular sport or choose that path but I think being involved, even at a recreational level, they learn important life lessons,” Kristi says. “They learn teamwork. They learn results come from hard work and you set goals and work towards those goals. You also learn the feeling of accomplishment and good sportsmanship, all those things will be positive as they go into real life.”

-- Terri MacLeod

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