Kristin Cavallari’s ‘Dancing’ Blog: Taking On The Samba!

How about last week?! Mark and I got the 2nd highest score of the night with our quick step!! Couldn’t be happier about that, and a little shocked at the same time!

Tonight marks Week 3 and were doing the SAMBA!

It’s a very sexy dance and definitely more difficult than the first 2. It’s one of the most technical dances so I have mixed feelings about this one. On top of that, this was the first week we only had 4 days to rehearse which definitely adds more pressure. But, in all honestly, I’m glad we’ll be getting it over with tonight instead of saving it for later.

None the less, we’re ready! Very excited for tonight! I love my costume and you can definitely expect more booty shakin, hair whipping, and head rolling! After all, it’s the SAMBA!

See you guys on the dance floor! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Love you!



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