Kyle Chandler On The Surprising Reason He Found It Tough To Act Alongside Jessica Chastain In Zero Dark Thirty

Kyle Chandler said it was “difficult” to work with rising star Jessica Chastain in the new, hunt for Osama Bin Laden film, “Zero Dark Thirty,” but not for any the reasons that immediately spring to mind when someone uses that word.

“She is very difficult to work with and I’ll tell you why. The scene, especially when you get up close to her, it’s very hard to do because her eyes are so intensely blue you fall into them. Literally,” he said of Jessica’s peepers. “When you watch the scene where we go at each other… [I can watch myself and know], that’s when I was like, ‘OK, how deep do your eyes — how far do they go? My God! I see the back of your skull. It’s incredible.’

“She’s very beautiful,” Kyle added of the actress. “I had a lot of fun working with her.”

The film, the newest project from Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow, left an impact on Kyle, who admitted — despite his acclaimed “Friday Night Lights” pedigree — to being more than impressed with the finished product.

“It’s nice when you sit into a movie that you’ve done and you go ‘Wow, I’m part of something really spectacular here. I mean really spectacular,” he said.

Kyle said the film, which covers the decade-long manhunt for the terrorist leader, has several key moments to look out for.

“The first 90 seconds of this film is probably — it’s by far, I think — one of the toughest 90 seconds to sit through. There’s nothing more powerful than the imagination,” he said. “And the last 90 seconds of the film are so appropriate that they don’t answer questions, but they keep the questions alive for the audience, I think, to answer.”

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