Kylie Minogue: Doctor Initially Misdiagnosed Breast Cancer

Kylie Minogue has revealed that doctors initially misdiagnosed her breast cancer, the singer told Ellen DeGeneres.

In an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” which aired on Monday, the Australian beauty shared her harrowing secret for the first time.

“Listen, this is an opportunity for me to say something that I have not said before,” Kylie said. “I was misdiagnosed initially. So my message to all of you and everyone at home is, because someone is in a white coat and using big medical instruments, doesn’t necessarily mean they are right… If you have any doubt, go back again.”

Kylie did not reveal exactly when the misdiagnosis took place or how much time had passed before she received a second opinion, which correctly identified the disease in 2005.

So after not speaking publicly about the serious oversight for several years, what prompted the songstress to open up to Ellen? As it turns out, it was Ellen’s previous guest, Hillary Clinton.

Appearing on the same episode as Kylie, Sen. Clinton had talked with Ellen about the importance of early breast cancer detection for women across the globe.

Additionally, Ellen also revealed she had a mammogram and was given a clean bill of health, however, she found a lump in her breast “a couple of weeks” later and had it removed.

Hearing both women speak on the topic served as an inspiration to Kylie to share her personal story.

“I had no intention of saying that today,” Kylie told Ellen. “But with what you were talking about before, I didn’t realize it was a subject so close to your heart as well.”

Kylie, who is in the U.S. promoting her new album “X,” has become a vocal advocate for cancer screening and support groups. Following her diagnosis of the disease, she had surgery to have the lump removed and underwent chemotherapy.

Kylie, 39, is currently in remission.

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