Kylie Minogue Talks ‘Neighbours’ Soap Opera Return Rumors, Diaper Changing For Dannii

Kylie Minogue has a lot on her plate with the impending release of her latest album, “Aphrodite,” on July 6, but one thing that won’t be keeping her occupied is a return to her soap opera roots.

A rumor has been circulating for weeks that Kylie might return to “Neighbours” — the Australian soap opera a teenage Kylie got her start on more than 20 years ago — as the TV show celebrates its 6000th episode. However, not so, says the pop star.

“I can’t believe this is still going,” the pop princess giggled when Access Hollywood brought up the rumor.

Kylie said she hasn’t been contacted about appearing on the soap, despite rumors to the contrary.

“Have they contacted us?” Kylie asked, turning to her rep.

“No. No one’s called us. Not a call, not a letter, not a fax, not an e-mail,” she continued. “I think this might’ve come about because someone asked me in an interview, they said, ‘Would you ever go back?’ And I was like, ‘I think that time passed,’ but I just was making a joke saying… ‘Can you imagine if [my character] Charlene [came back to] Ramsay St. in the mini [car] that she left in 20 years ago?… The story’s kind of taken a turn but I, I don’t know how I can pull it off.”

In related Kylie rumors, the pop star also confirmed to Access Hollywood that she turned down serving as an “X Factor” judge overseas because her sister, Dannii, is one of the judges alongside Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole in the British version of the reality show – a show set to launch stateside in Fall 2011.

“My sister has — she’s just shined the last couple of years and I’m so happy and relieved and proud of her that people — they’ve just fallen in love with her and I just… I don’t think I could do the job as well as she does,” Kylie told Access. “If I had no choice and I [was] stuck in a seat, I’d find a way, but it wasn’t quite the right time for me and more importantly I thought, that’s her thing.”

While she has no plans to take a permanent “X Factor” chair anywhere in the world, Kylie is open to taking a seat on the panel in the U.S. for a very brief stint.

“Maybe as kind of a – you know they have guests come in for a special kind of tutorial or something like that. That would interest me,” she told Access.

While Kylie promotes her upcoming album and the sexy new video for her single, “All The Lovers,” she’s also gearing up to become an Auntie yet again as sister Dannii is preparing for the birth of her first child.

“I’m very excited,” the proud big sister said. “It’s still surreal to me that my sister is in fact pregnant! I felt the baby kick…. My brother has two children already, but it just seems like when it’s your baby sister, it’s a little different.”

Kylie is also ready to help out in whatever ways Dannii needs.

“I’m down with [diaper] changing and all of that so no problem,” she laughed.

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