Lance Bass’ Boyfriend Speaks Out To Access Hollywood

BURBANK, Calif. (July 27, 2006) — Lance Bass’ boyfriend, Reichen Lehmkuhl, talks exclusively to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush about Bass’ coming out and his book “Here’s What We’ll Say: A Memoir of Growing Up, Coming Out, and the U.S. Air Force.”

On Thursday afternoon, Lehmkuhl told Bush, “I will say that Lance is happier than he has ever been. It has been a long ride and it’s a huge relief and I couldn’t be happier for him and I couldn’t be more proud of him.”

When asked if bloggers’ speculations about their relationship forced Bass to come out, Lehmkuhl said, “I think through the entire time of being in the closet anyone is going to feel pressures from this or that. You know, obviously from the article, this was the time that Lance decided it was, you know, that he was ready to come out.”

When asked if he is concerned about Bass’ career, Lehmkuhl said, “No, not at all. I think it is always best in your career to be honest?He is going to have more support and more happiness and more freedom than he has ever had before and it is going to be a liberating experience. I guarantee it.”

In discussing public reaction to Bass’ admission and whether or not the couple has been following the coverage, Lehmkuhl told Bush, “Yeah, we’ve seen a few shows and, you know, it’s all very positive.”


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Lehmkuhl, who was a captain in the United States Air Force, has a book set to come out in October 2006 and added, “I say some things in my book that I’m not really proud of that I did, but I had to do these things for self-preservation. My book is about a personal journey between myself and other cadets at the Air Force Academy involving our coming to terms with our sexuality while at the same time realizing we had to protect ourselves from it?”

In regards to the timing of his book’s release and Bass’ coming out, Lehmkuhl said, “I have been thinking about writing this book for over ten years. Lance and I have a very new relationship here. Is Lance supportive of the book and excited about it, ‘yes.’ Did he prompt me to write it or prompt me to put it out, ‘no.’ Did I have a contract that the book was going to come out October 1 of this year before I even met Lance, ‘yes.’”

Lehmkuhl is best known for winning season four of CBS’s “The Amazing Race” and is also a male fashion model.

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