Larry Birkhead: ‘There Was No Deal’ With Stern

Now that a DNA test has revealed who Dannielynn’s daddy is, what’s next for Larry Birkhead?

Just moments after his victory speech outside of the Bahamian courthouse, Birkhead talked to Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts about the moment of truth and his plans for Dannielynn.

“What was going through your mind as they’re getting ready to read [the DNA results]?” Tony asked.

“At first [the DNA expert] said my middle name,” Birkhead laughed. “He said, ‘The father is?’ and then my middle name. And I was like wait a second, but then he corrected himself. Once he did, it was just amazing. It’s this incredible feeling that all of this has been worth every ounce of energy and then some.”

“So now that you’ve been found to be the father, when do you get to see Dannielynn? When do you get to hold her officially as her father?” Tony asked.

“Whenever I want really,” Birkhead replied.

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And luckily, dad didn’t have to wait long to see his daughter once the results were revealed.

Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts reports that not only Birkhead, but also other members of his family, spent time with Dannielynn on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, during a separate phone interview with Birkhead, he revealed to Access Hollywood he was holding Dannielynn at that very moment and had already bought her gifts including some dolls, dresses and a quacking duck.

After months of facing off as fierce adversaries in the battle for custody over Anna Nicole’s daughter, Birkhead and Howard K. Stern showed a much different side to their relationship outside the courthouse after Tuesday’s hearing, as the two shared a hug after addressing reporters.

So what’s behind the newfound friendship?

”[Stern] seems to have come around in the last couple of weeks,” Tony told Birkhead. “People are pointing and saying there is some sort of deal going on but you’ve been refuting it. Do you still refute it to this day?”

“There’s no deal,” Birkhead insisted. “For a deal, you have to offer someone something in exchange. There’s been no ‘If you do this, then I will give you the baby’ or anything like that. Paternity was established and there’s really nothing to negotiate.”

Both Birkhead and Stern have said they want it to be a seamless transition for young Dannielynn as she is handed over to her father.

In fact, Access’ Tony Potts also reports Birkhead is looking for a temporary Bahamian residence where he can stay during the transition period.

“We’ll have to work together to see how we can make it a smooth transition,” Birkhead told Tony. “[Stern] maintains he wants to do what’s best for Dannielynn.”

However, the one thing Birkhead is not interested in is sharing custody of his daughter - not with Stern and not with Anna’s mom Virgie Arthur.

“Virgie Arthur came out and said she was very happy to find out you were the father. Her lawyer made it sound like there’s a sense joint custody could possibly happen in the Bahamas,” Tony noted.

“I don’t want to talk about what might happen, but I’ll say that’s not my intention. This is my child and I’m going to raise it,” Birkhead said. “For anybody that shows they have good intentions, I don?t have a problem with them playing a role in Dannielynn’s life. But for someone to fight me and them come back after they lose and say they want to see the baby, that’s going to be difficult for me. So if you fight me now, you might have to fight me later.”

But now, the fight is over. The results are in and Birkhead is ready to begin his life with his daughter by his side.

However, there is one important question that remains.

“How many diapers have you changed in your life?” Tony joked.

“A few, but I took some classes,” Birkhead laughed.

“You any good?” Tony asked.

“I’m decent,” Birkhead smiled.

For more of our exclusive interview with Larry Birkhead, tune in to Wednesday’s Access Hollywood!

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