Lauren Conrad Claims Spencer Pratt’s Sex Tape Apology Was Staged

Lauren Conrad gave critics of “The Hills” more ammunition that the MTV reality show is scripted when she revealed during an appearance on Thursday’s “The View” that a very important scene from Season 5 didn’t actually take place the way it played out on the cable channel.

In the run up to May’s season finale, viewers saw Spencer Pratt call up Lauren and apologize for starting sex tape rumors in an attempt to get the young woman to attend his wedding to Heidi Montag. But Lauren revealed to “The View” women that she didn’t receive that phone call.

“To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t on the other line of that call,” Lauren said. “That was filmed and I wasn’t on the other end… So I didn’t even know about it.”

Lauren added that she “didn’t get an apology,” but attended Heidi’s wedding because the two women were once close.

“It’s a little hard to understand now, but a long time ago — years ago, we moved here together, we were best friends and we used to say – ‘Someday, at our wedding…’” Lauren recounted. “I felt like it was a few hours of my time and as much as I didn’t agree with it, I might some day regret not doing it.”

In related news, Stephanie Pratt, the sister of Spencer, recently revealed to Us Weekly that while shooting “The Hills” she became bulimic. And when asked by “The View” ladies about whether the show created body competition, Lauren said she had times where the show made her feel less-than-perfect.

“I don’t think it was so much a competition. You definitely feel self-conscious,” she said. “There [were] definitely times when we would all be at a photo shoot and, I mean, the girls on the show I’m on are in very good shape. I feel like I’m healthy, I work out, I try and eat well, but… you’re always going to be a little bit self-conscious when you’re next to people in a bathing suit.”

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