Laurie Holden On The Return Of The Walking Dead & Andrea’s Sexy Undies: ‘Zombies Didn’t Take Thongs!’

“The Walking Dead” left viewers with an incredible cliffhanger at the end of 2012, when the first half of Season 3 ended with The Governor revealing the Dixon brothers will face off in the zombie boxing ring in Woodbury.

It was pretty shocking for both Merle (Michael Rooker) and Daryl (Norman Reedus), who were also seeing each other for the first time in many, many months (only to find out it could be the last time!). But, equally mortified in that moment was the woman who had developed feelings for Woodbury’s leader The Governor – Andrea.

According to actress Laurie Holden, who plays the strong female character (with bad taste in men), Andrea is going to be shaken as the season picks up this Sunday with the midseason premiere, kicking off at 9 PM on AMC.

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On the red carpet at “An Evening with The Walking Dead” event, presented by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in North Hollywood on Tuesday, Laurie told what’s to come on the show. She also tackled the question her super fans have been curious about, ever since they saw her get dressed, following one of Andrea’s bedroom romps with The Governor in the first half of the season.

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Laurie Holden: (Laughs) OK, here’s the deal. You can’t win, because if I had granny panties, everybody would just be like, ‘Oh my God, she’s got granny panties!’ or if I had holes in them, they’d be like ‘Oh my God, she has no hygiene.’ You can’t win…. That was not my decision — there is a costume designer and that is her area of expertise, but part of the allure of Woodbury is that it’s like a town where the apocalypse never happened. So, they still have access to things that we didn’t. And The Governor and his men, they probably raided stores. ‘Cause [there are] still shopping malls. The zombies didn’t take thongs! So, there was, maybe a little welcome package for me in my apartment.

Access: How does Andrea feel now that she’s seen a different side of The Governor – Philip?

Laurie: (Takes a deep breath.)

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Access: He’s cute, but he’s a little psycho.

Laurie: Well, you know, psycho’s not cute. I think her world’s exploding. I think this is the worst nightmare ever… second to the apocalypse. All she wanted was a community and a sense of normalcy and, another thing with the whole Andrea-Michonne thing, a lot of people think that Andrea deserted Michonne. They both were strong women that made choices, and Michonne wanted to go out, I wanted to stay, but nobody abandoned the other person. And, it wasn’t about choosing a guy over Michonne, Andrea just wanted a normal life and she didn’t want to be on the road any more. There’s that expression, ‘If it’s too good to be true, it is,’ and I think that’s the case. I think she’s beginning to realize that everything she thought was a miracle and a nirvana and heaven is actually a sliver of hell.

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Access: Your character is there when Merle and Daryl are in the ring together – what can you hint at about that closing scene [from] when we last saw ‘The Walking Dead’?

Laurie: Well, it’s gonna pick up from there and she’s absolutely mortified because she’s spoken to The Governor about her friends on the farm and he knows their names and I’ve told them all about them, so the very fact that he has taken Merle’s brother — and I can’t give anything away — but something’s about to get ugly, obviously. It’s more than a betrayal, it’s like, ‘This is my friend! You know this is my friend!’ like, ‘Why are you doing this?’ which is a whole other side of his craziness that she’s opening her eyes to.

“The Walking Dead” continues on Sunday at 9 PM on AMC

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