LeAnn Rimes Talks Public’s ‘Skewed Version’ Of Her

LeAnn Rimes’ marriage to Eddie Cibrian and her very public feud with Eddie’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, has raised some eyebrows, but the singer is hoping her new album, “Spitfire,” will successfully tell her side of the story.

LeAnn appeared on Monday’s Access Hollywood Live, where Billy Bush and Kit Hoover asked the singer about how her new music tackles her recent headlines, particularly the track “Borrowed,” which takes on her relationship with the actor.

“It was written through a lot of tears and a lot of emotion,” the 30-year-old singer said. “There are a lot of things on this record, especially with a song like that. I didn’t even realize what I was feeling until I wrote it. It was very hard to play for my husband, but he is so good about that, I mean, he comes from the storytelling side of things… and he knows now that I am definitely going to get pretty personal when it comes to my music. So, he is a good sport about it.”

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Looking back on her sometimes intense feud with “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi, LeAnn told Billy and Kit she has no regrets.

“I hate [that] word, [regret], I honestly do, it’s not even in my vocabulary. Do I wish I would have handled things differently at times? Absolutely,” she told Billy and Kit. “I’ve learned a lot and this seems like the path, this is my life, this is my story and there is nothing to hide.

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“People have written this whole story on how they think it should be, which is really a 180 from how my life is really lived,” she continued. “It wasn’t scary to dive into the truth [on the album.] It really wasn’t because there have been so many lies out there… there [are] a lot of different emotions on this record, there is guilt, there is love, there is anger, there is fear. There’s just anything you could feel as a human being I felt the last four and a half years.”

According to the country singer, the public’s impression of her is off.

“There’s been a very skewed version of this story. There’s been one person who continues to talk about the situation,” she said, referring to Brandi. “Maybe it’s part of her job? I’m not sure, but it seems to be a storyline. “I sing. That’s what I do. Obviously, I’m approaching it in my music, but it’s at my expense. It’s at no one else’s expense but mine on this record.”

Adding, “I’ve been portrayed in a very interesting way and it’s so far from who I am. It’s been hard to watch at times because you just want to scream, ‘That’s not true!’ But it’s kind of a, I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t, situation.”

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The singer, who said she “eventually” wants kids with Eddie, also revealed what part of the actor is her favorite.

“He’s incredibly smart, and I really enjoy talking to him, we have really good conversations, he’s a really good guy, and a he’s a fabulous father,” she said of Eddie. “He’s got great hands. Everyone notices his dimples, I love his hands. It’s something about them, they are very manly. He’s a sweet man, I love him.”

“Spitfire” is out now.

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