Leonardo DiCaprio Talks Wolf Of Wall Street’s Drugs, Nudity & Debauchery

Leonardo DiCaprio is getting Oscar buzz and rave reviews for his role in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street,” a role that was six years in the making.

Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle chatted with Leo about playing the real life Jordan Belfort, a New York stockbroker whose rise and fall during the ‘80s was filled with drugs, crime and “every possible temptation.”

“We wanted [the film] to be as authentic as possible… I got to spend a lot of time with Jordan, the real person. I spent many months with him before the film even started and I spoke to him constantly while we were making the movie and he was incredibly honest about how hedonistic he was during that time period in his life and he pulled no punches,” the 39-year-old explained.

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And Leo got swept up in the life of character.

“The character sort of took me over and that lifestyle on set, took me over, that mentality of giving into every possible temptation, once you get into that mind frame…the character sort of takes on a life of its own,” he continued.

The actor said he’s surprised that Jordan, who is now 51, survived that part of his life.

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“I don’t know how he’s still alive to tell you the truth,” Leo said of Jordan, who is now an author and motivational speaker. “I don’t know how he survived… he’s like cat with 20 lives.”

As for the film’s nudity – Leo shows his backside in the Scorsese project – the actor didn’t let it faze him.

“I really didn’t think about it much, because I felt like I was trying to accurately portray what this guy’s life was like and all that stuff came with it and all of it really happened,” he explained.

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And Jordan appears to approve of Leo’s portrayal.

“He texted me the other day and said he finally saw the film and he was ashamed to admit that this was, this happen to be his favorite film of all times,” the actor said.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” opens on December 25, 2013.

-- Jesse Spero

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