Lindsay Lohan Documentary: 4 Surprising Moments

Lindsay Lohan’s new documentary series “Lindsay” premiered on OWN on Sunday night, and while it showed television viewers some fairly obvious things – like the actress constantly being hounded by paparazzi, and her struggling to stay sober – there were some surprising moments.

Here are four things that caught our attention:

She Has A Warehouse Of Stuff!: When Lindsay made the decision to move from Los Angeles to New York, it required a trip to her storage space, which was, to put it mildly, huge – like near-Costco huge. There appeared to be an entire warehouse filled with things she’s collected over the last decade, stuffed into crates, and crates, and still more crates. Among some of the things viewers got to see – lots of jewelry, piles of clothing (including one sparkly black dress still on a mannequin) and some dead flowers in their plastic wrapping.

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Lindsay’s Personal Assistant Worked For A Hobbit & A Prince: Matt Harrell was introduced as Lindsay’s personal assistant and he rattled off the names of celebs he worked with. Surprisingly enough, his list included Sean Astin (from “Lord of the Rings”), music superstar Prince, Olympic snowboarder Shaun White (although he noted it was only a brief stint), and the last celeb he worked with before Lindsay? Steven Tyler.

She Outfit Changes While Apartment Shopping: Lindsay likes her frilly dresses, but when one of them was whipped up by the wind during apartment hunting, the actress decided to make a detour. Popping into a friend’s shop, Lindsay went from a flowing spaghetti strap mini dress to the more sensible-for-windy-weather shorts and a tank.

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Fetch! Lives: Lindsay starred as Cady Heron in 2004’s “Mean Girls,” and she still has souvenirs inspired by the movie – Fetch T-shirts. While going through the crates she shipped to her mom’s house, Lindsay revealed she still has a host of red tees with the the slogan on them. That really is fetch!

-- Jolie Lash

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