Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Confirms She’s In AA

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (December 1, 2006) ? After weeks of speculation, Dina Lohan confirmed earlier this morning that her daughter Lindsay is involved with Alcoholics Anonymous.

Despite the privacy practiced by AA, mama Lohan publicly confirmed her 20-year-old daughter has attended meetings for the group during a visit to Ryan Seacrest?s morning show on KIIS FM radio in Los Angeles.

?It?s true,? Dina told Ryan. ?A lot of people she hangs out with go and it?s a positive thing.?

Dina was accompanying her 12-year-old daughter, Ali, who was promoting the tween?s new Christmas album on the show. When Ryan asked Dina if she gives Lindsay advice on negotiating her Hollywood lifestyle, mama Lohan responded that her eldest daughter is doing fine.

?As a parent you tell them what you can tell them, but she?s 20 and I?m not gonna say stay home and don?t go out,? she told the KIIS host. ?That?s a ridiculous thing to do. When you?re 20 you have to learn a lot on your own so I?m there for support and I?ll obviously give her my opinion, but she?s fine. She?s OK.?

Dina Lohan Confirms Lindsay Is Attending AA Meetings

Leslie Sloane, publicist for the star affirmed Dina?s statement that Lindsay is in AA. ?She is attending meetings. It?s a positive thing,? Sloane told Access Hollywood. She added that Lindsay has been to a couple of meeting and that the star is making ?slow progress? and ?doesn?t want to be judged.?

Known for hitting the town regularly, rumors began to surface that Lindsay had become involved with the substance abuse program after she was captured wearing a ?90 days? red button (associated with the AA program) at a premiere.

Another instance that raised speculation she was receiving treatment was her statement she released following the news that her ?A Prairie Home Companion? director, Robert Altman, had passed away. The statement quoted a mantra in AA?s 12 step program.

The media response to that statement, which included reporters suggesting it was written while Lohan was partying, prompted Lindsay?s longtime publicist Sloane to speak out in defense of the star.

?When I got the reports that he had died, I reached Lindsay on her cell phone, and she had no idea. She was devastated. She started crying,” Sloane told Reuters news. “She quickly put something together on her Blackberry.”

“It’s enough already,” she said of the press criticisms. “Everybody has got to get a life. People need to get off her back.”

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