Lindsey Vonn Dishes On Her Relationship With Tiger Woods

When two athletes date, it’s bound to get competitive – especially for Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods!

The Olympic skier, 29, opened up to Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle about dating the 37-year-old pro golfer.

“We compete at everything,” Lindsey explained. “Everything. It’s fun!”

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The pro athletes take their jobs and the required training very serious, but also find time to relax with each other.

“We’re both working hard,” she said of a typical day for herself and Tiger. “I’m in the gym, he’s in the gym. We’re both very dedicated to what we do and our jobs, but if we can, we get a couple of matches of ping pong in there or a little bit of tennis.”

But there is one sport that is off limits for the pair?

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“I refuse to play him in golf though,” she told Michelle.

Lindsey said that Tiger has been very “supportive” following her crash last February on the slopes, he even goes skiing with the gold medal-winning Olympian.

“He’s good,” she said of Tiger’s skills on the slopes.

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But will Tiger go to 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi with Lindsey?

“We’ll see. He doesn’t like the cold very much so,” she revealed.

And despite her crash, the athlete explained that she’s revved up to compete in front of the world again.

“I’ve got a couple of screws loose, you know, I’m definitely a little crazy. I love going fast. It’s something I’ve always loved to do,” she said. “I crash all the time. It’s part of the job description… It doesn’t faze me, it doesn’t bother me. I fell, it was a bigger fall than normal and now I’m getting back up.”

Adding, “I feel great. My knee feels really good, I mean I’ve been training really hard and been skiing a couple of days already. Things are coming along nicely, I’m going start racing probably the end of this month.”

The athlete also dished on putting a squirrel on Tiger’s shoulder earlier this month during the Presidents Cup – something she admits wasn’t exactly at the most opportune moment.

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“It was bad timing on my part,” she said. “He was very concentrated, of course, on his shot and he was more annoyed than anything. But he thought it was really funny. I mean my whole goal was to try to scare him, clearly it did not work.”

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