Lisa Kudrow Hoping More ‘Friends’ Come To Showtime Series ‘Web Therapy’

Lisa Kudrow is hoping some of her old “Friends” will make a pit stop on her Showtime series, “Web Therapy.”

“Yeah. We’ll see who shows up,” Lisa told reporters following the Showtime “Web Therapy” portion of the Television Critics Association Session in Beverly Hills on Thursday, when asked if she’d invited some of her former “Friends” co-stars to appear on her new show.

Courteney Cox already got on board, filming a cameo as a psychic when “Web Therapy” was strictly a web series, and Lisa said she’s asked some of the others, but declined to reveal which ones she put out offers to.

Lisa, in turn, hasn’t yet been asked to reprise her role as Dr. Amy on Courteney’s “Cougar Town.”

“Oh, I don’t know. That hasn’t come up,” she said.

When asked about the recent move by many actors from film to television, Lisa said it’s not a new trend for her. She and her former “Friends” actually realized the richness of material on TV back in their NBC comedy heyday.

“We all had that experience during ‘Friends.’ They were very generous about letting us go off and do films and then we’d come back and we’d like, all have a meal together and say, ‘Woah, movies are for the birds. This is great, the food’s better, the hours are better,’” she said.

On “Web Therapy,” which currently airs on Tuesdays at 11 PM on Showtime, Lisa plays the neurotic Fiona Wallis, a self-centered therapist, who will only conduct sessions online in a brief under-five-minute format.

The actress said she actually takes inspiration from political figures to get her character just right.

“Here’s what it is — to prepare, I used to watch politicians. I’m not kidding. I do, because sometimes you see them and they don’t seem to be making sense, but they’re very authoritative in the nonsense they’re saying,” Lisa explained. “They stay on message and I thought that would also be a funny thing to add to a therapist who just emotionally bullies you.”

In addition to “Web Therapy,” Lisa confirmed she is working on the next season of the NBC show, “Who Do You Think You Are?” — the program that spotlights celebrities as they trace their family roots.

“We’re shooting Season 3 right now,” she said, before noting that NBC asked her not to reveal names of any of the stars signed on for the next season.

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