Live-Blogging Access Hollywood’s ‘Stuff You Must’ Golden Globes Gifting Lounge, Day 1

It’s Golden Globes time again — and that means it’s time for Access Hollywood’s “Stuff You Must” gifting lounge, co-sponsored by On3 Productions at the Sofitel in West Hollywood. I’ll be live-blogging all day with the latest celeb scoop as film and television’s biggest stars pick up goodies. all in the name of charity!

11:00 AM -- I’ve just arrived only to spot Mayim Bialik (Blossom!) getting pampered in the CVS Beauty 360 bar. She’s sparked up her acting career recently and says she is having a blast.

11:15 AM -- Stunning “NCIS: New York” star Melina Kanakaredes makes her way around to each gifting suite. Everyone has been raving about what a sweetheart she is. She told me she was only coming to this and only this gifting suite because for each celebrity who attends a donation is made to two charities close to Access Hollywood’s heart - Best Buddies and The Lollipop Theater Network.

11:30 AM -- Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas is here. He really seems to love all the goodies. Especially the clothes from Bench. He snagged a BBQ jacket, a silver and black jacket with a honeycomb computer graphic print while he was here.

11:40 AM -- “90210” star AnnaLynne McCord is looking stunning in a white top and black pants which are very Olivia Newton John at the end of “Grease”. You know the ones, “Tell me about it stud!”. I wonder if that’s what she thought when she put them on. She said she came specifically to grab the AMC Premiere pass. This was the only suite she was coming to just for the pass which gets her into any AMC Theater across the country for free for a year. And the last movie she saw? “Sherlock Homles”. She’s got a massive crush on the star and told the girls at AMC “If he is ever single, call me!”.

11:45 AM — Just talked to Jennie Garth — she said she’s not doing “90210” at all anymore which I did not know. Right now she’s working on a children’s book instead, as well as a new project that husband Peter Facinelli is writing. She grabbed a pair of New Balance sneakers but told me she was one of those people who had a problem “just running to the corner!” New shoes, however, could be a motivation to start running again!

12:00 -- Its high noon and I’ve tracked down a werewolf, “Twilight Saga” star Chaske Spencer, who plays Sam Utley. I asked him how he’s keeping his “Eclipse” script safe since Jackson Rathbone’s watermarked copy was leaked on the Internet. He said it’s safe and sound in his apartment!

12:15 PM -- Marisa Jarot Winoku dares me to eat a Hostess Cupcake. I do. They were yummy! Then she plays a massive prank on me. When I ask her why she is no longer hosting “Dance Your Ass Off.” She looks right at me and says, “I’m not? What are you talking about.”

She had me believing for a good sixty seconds that I was breaking the news to her! I even made the camera man turn the camera off at one point. Turns out she was punking me! She and her publicist concocted a plan last night for her to act like she didn’t know to the first person who asked. I was the lucky one who got punk’d! She says it was a mutual decision to leave and she wants to focus on acting. Trust me. This girl can act! She had me fooled!

2:15 PM My favorite moment of the day is when the little kid from “The Blind Side” Jae Head were checking out bakugan toys from Spin Master and he tells me his girlfriend just broke up with him via text. Who does that!? Poor kid. Well, ladies this little 13 year old stud is single again!

3:15 PM I spot “Glee’s” Jane Lynch as she is finishing up a hostess cupcake. Fortunately, she doesn’t mind talking to me with cupcake in hand. Im super excited to tell her that Rosie O’Donnell told Access Hollywood she is huge fan of Glee and Jane Lynch. Jane is flabbergasted that Rosie actually knows her name. I tell her it gets better and Rosie actually wants to come on the show and play a rival cheerleading coach against Sue Sylvester and then have a torrid affair with her. She loves this idea but when I say that Sue had a crush on a male news anchor she tells me it doesn’t matter, Sue will sleep with anyone to get idea. She says she is going to text creator Ryan Murphy to tell him Rosie wants on. Considering she appeared several times on his other show “Nip/Tuck” i’m pretty sure this is gonna be a done deal!

3:25 PM Lisa Rinna pops in and grabs a tourmaline hair dryer from Conair. She spins a wheel of questions from Conair and is asked who her favorite Hollywood hottie is? She admits to having a huge crush on Ryan Reynolds. Don’t we all? Those abs! Lisa and I have lots to chat about. First we talk about hair. She wants to finally change up her hair style which she says is going on 15 years now. I tell her to get extensions and show her mine. She grabs it and holds it up to her hair to see how it looks. Uh, its a little dark Lisa. She also fills me in on her new reality show she is filming with her husband Harry Hamlin, “Harry Loves Lisa.” It sounds like it will be wild!

3:30 PM
Gotta hit the Critics Choice Movie Awards red carpet. Back in the Stuff You Must Lounge tommorow

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