Live Blogging The 2010 Grammys Red Carpet’s Jolie Lash is Live Blogging from the Grammys red carpet, alongside Shaun Robinson and The Situation.

Follow her blow-by-blow updates… below!

5:20 PM - That’s a wrap folks! Headin’ backstage to the press room for the show!

5:11 PM - Britney Spears skipped the star red carpet. Walked in with boyfriend Jason with regular old ticket holders!

5:03 PM - Taylor Swift stops by to chat with Shaun and The Situation

4:53 PM - We are on the red carpet live blogging. Lionel Richie and Ne-Yo just shared an embrace in front of our cameras.

4:51 PM - RiRi is here. She just arrived in a giant gown. She didn’t stop for anyone, but did give Shaun a fashion twirl!

4:38 PM - Ke$ha brought her mom to the Grammys! Mom in red, Ke$ha in gold sparkly. What a great idea – the perfect date!

4:36 PM - The Situation and Shaun just asked Ke$ha if she knew Sitch’s name. She said, is it “Sampsonite”?

4:28 PM - The Situation is interviewing Andrea Bocelli. Really!

4:26 PM - There are people trying to close the red carpet already.

4:15 PM - Red carpet traffic jam! George Clinton followed by the Black Eyed Peas, who said they are going to try not to cry if they win. “We just gotta rock it. We can’t expect anything.” They’re gonna perform for the Pea-bodies!

4:01 PM - Russell Brand knows what “GTL” is. Ringo Starr did not. LOL.

3:58 PM - Red carpet backup… John Legend on tap, Russell Brand and Ringo Starr waiting in the wings! Traffic!

3:54 PM - Justin Bieber knows The Situation, but he said, “I don’t really watch the show that often.”

3:38 PM - “I think The Situation on ‘Glee’ would be amazing” — Lea Michele

3:20 PM - Yes, the interview was with Weird Al! Now The Situation and Shaun are interviewing Andy Samberg. It’s going pleasantly despite “SNL’s” Jersey Shore parody.

3:18 PM - So check this out: there are Lady Gaga impersonators here. They keep showing up with old looks of Gaga’s. It’s like a Grammy photo fake out!

3:17 PM - Kathy Griffin just got up close and personal with The Situation’s abs. She stroked his tummy and he unbuttoned his shirt.

3:11 PM - Shaun Robinson and The Stiuation have just done their first interview together. Wanna guess who it was with? Hint: it was “Weird”

1:22 PM – Backstage on the Grammys red carpet. The Situation is in wardrobe. He’s got a big decision to make with the “L” ( he told us laundry also stands for outfit)

12:42 PM -- The Situation has arrived!

12:07 PM -- Made it down to the red carpet at the Staples Center. Everyone is getting set up, crew is here and we’re all looking forward to a great and busy day!

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