Lizzo Gives Fans A Relatable Peek At Her Jury Duty Prep In Funny TikTok: ‘I’m Not Excited’

Leave it to Lizzo to make jury duty look “Good As Hell”!

The music superstar shared a relatable peek at herself reporting for civic duties this week, telling fans on TikTok that she was up at 6 a.m. in order to make it to the courthouse for her summons.

Though the singer was admittedly tired, she made the most of her early morning and invited followers to “get ready” with her and get a preview of her outfit.

@lizzoJust fulfilling my civil duty 🫡

♬ original sound – lizzo

“Something chill,” she said, modeling a chic black dress she had chosen. “It’s giving law abiding citizen.”

Lizzo went on to explain that her reluctance wasn’t just about the inconvenience to her schedule. The Grammy winner also had nerves about what kind of case she could potentially have to participate in.

Feelin' Good As Hell: Lizzo's Best Moments!

Feelin’ Good As Hell: Lizzo’s Best Moments!

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“I’m not excited about jury duty. I am actually really stressed about it because I’ve just heard of people getting like really gruesome, violent cases. I have a really sensitive mind and I don’t like hearing or seeing that. I will cry,” she confessed.

Luckily for the 34-year-old, her obligation appeared to be short-lived as she revealed in a follow-up post that she wasn’t selected for a trial after all.

“I got released from jury duty y’all I wonder why tho,” she wrote onscreen alongside a thinking face emoji.

@lizzo Replying to @kristinclimbs ♬ Happy with you – Official Sound Studio

It wasn’t clear if Lizzo was joking or genuinely wondering why her jury duty was already over, but fans in her TikTok’s comment section suggested that having a celebrity in the courtroom could distract from the proceedings.

“Imagine showing up for jury duty and seeing this Queen chilling with you?” one user wrote.

“I can’t Your Honor, I’m literally Lizzo,” another teased.

Case dismissed!

— Erin Biglow

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