‘Lost’ Gets ‘Hoth’ In Here - Reveals Big Mysteries

It might be two weeks before “Lost” fans have a new episode, but long-time fans were rewarded with the answers to several mysteries in this past Wednesday night’s episode.

The ‘Miles-centric’ episode, “Some Like It Hoth,” focused on the back story of the “Widmore Freighter” character introduced in Season 4 (played excellently by Ken Leung), who to date had not yet had his back story told.

Amongst other things learned in last night’s episode:

- The Mystery of Hurley’s Numbers: “4 8 15 16 23 42” – were finally revealed. And it turned out that originally they were nothing more than a serial number on the door to The Swan hatch. Of course, that was in 1977… the numbers would go on to have more significance to Hurley in the future. Of course, why they were cursed, remains unanswered. More on The Numbers’ back story, HERE.

- Miles’ Back Story – Miles (named after Miles Davis… his mom loved jazz), in fact, we learned is the son of Dr. Pierre Chang (aka: Dr. Marvin Candle, Dr. Mark Wickmund, Dr. Edgar Halliwax, or “the world’s biggest douche”… who loves country music). Miles was born on the island, but Chang forced him and his mother Lara to leave the island sometime in 1977. Miles seemed to always possess his ability to talk to the dead, which was evidenced in a flashback to him at 10-years-old. So much for the theory that you couldn’t run into “former you” on the island — Miles saw both “baby Miles” and his mom in 1977. One of the best lines of last night’s episode came when Hurley said to Miles: “Maybe he’ll (your dad) will let you hold baby you.”

- Got Daddy Issues? – Apparently, the theme of resolving these issues continues to be key, especially in the relationship between Miles and his dad. Miles and Hurley form a closer bond through “Star Wars” references – hence, the episode’s title. Hurley also tries writing “The Empire Strikes Back” – hilarity ensues.

- All About Bram - We learned more about Bram (Brad William Henke), one of the key characters from Ajira Airways Flight 316, who is currently in “the present” with Locke and Ben. At one point last night he kidnapped Miles and tried to convince him not to join “Charles Widmore’s team.” It became more apparent that Bram is working on “Team Ben” (Alvar Hanso’s team?) and has a connection to one of this season’s other new characters, Ilana (Zuleikha Robinson). Apparently, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” is an important question… because it was asked for the 2nd time last night.

- The Return of Daniel Faraday – In last night’s closing scene, Daniel Faraday emerged from the arriving submarine as a DHARMA scientist returning from Ann Arbor, Michigan. We haven’t known where he’s been for about a month (in, Season 5 viewer time), since our core “Lost-ies” landed in 1974. Daniel had been a DHARMA construction worker, but then just disappeared. Looks like he was likely off the island for the past three years, although it’s implied that we’ll learn more about this in the next episode.

As already mentioned, there’s no new episode next week, but the preview for the episode two weeks from now seems to imply that we may finally start to learn more about both the mysterious four-toed statue and Eloise Hawking.

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