Madonna’s Brother Calls Her Marriage To Guy Ritchie ‘Difficult’

In an excerpt from his new book, “Life With My Sister Madonna,” Christopher Ciccone shed light on the inner workings of his sister Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie – a marriage now under public duress as rumors of divorce and the singer’s links to baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez continue to swirl.

“Their life together is sometimes difficult,” Ciccone wrote in the excerpt, which was published in the U.K.’s The Mail on Sunday. “A Kabbalah rabbi would regularly come down from London to mediate between them. This does not surprise me. I believe that Kabbalah is helping keep Guy and Madonna together.”

“I worry about my sister,” he added. “I wonder whether they will be able to bridge the divide.”

Ciccone also unveiled the details of a reported kiss between Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, brushing it off as a typical night out with the Material Girl.

“Madonna is dancing on the table. Gwyneth joins her and they dance together,” he wrote. “In the middle of the dance, Madonna grabs Gwyneth and kisses her full on the mouth. It’s that sort of a night.”

Meanwhile, Ciccone described Ritchie as a man with a middle-class background who portrays himself as a “tough street kid” – much like Madonna once did, he claimed.

“She is a middle-class girl who propagates the story that she landed in Times Square with just a pair of ballet shoes and $35 to her name. But that’s pure mythology,” he wrote. “When Madonna went to New York, she had money in her pocket, plenty of contacts and a support system all in place.”

Ciccone, who once worked as Madonna’s interior designer and was artistic director for her tours, noted that he made Ritchie uncomfortable. He said that Madonna and Guy’s marriage signaled the end of his relationship with his sister.

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