Makeup Mondays: ‘Gold’ Rush (Glam Slam)

Figure skater Gracie Gold is going for the gold!

She’s an Olympic hopeful who has already hit one jackpot, recently signing with COVERGIRL joining the brand’s roster of beauties Katy Perry, Queen Latifah and Pink.

The adorable 18-year-old chats with Glam Slam about her new beauty gig.

Glam Slam: How did the COVERGIRL partnership come about? Why did you want to sign with the brand?

Gracie Gold: I was so thrilled when COVERGIRL approached me with this opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to be a COVERGIRL? When you start playing around with makeup and see the ads on TV, everyone always looks in their bathroom mirror and says “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, COVERGIRL.” My earliest memory is watching “America’s Next Top Model.” I would watch the girls practice saying the brand’s tagline and thought, “How great would that be?!?”

GS: How do you get ready for the ice?

Gracie: I always start my beauty routine three hours beforehand, including one hour for makeup. It’s not just about getting the makeup on, it’s about getting yourself ready and for the ice. It’s a pre-competition ritual.

GS: Do you do your own makeup? If so, how did you learn to do it?

Gracie: Yes, I do my own makeup. I learned from my mom. When I started skating, she would do my competition makeup. Also, older girls in the rink taught me. Figure skater Meryl Davis took time to mentor me before a competition in Japan once.

GS: What is the difference between makeup for performing and real life?

Gracie: The biggest difference is the amount of makeup you wear. The white ice and lights can really wash you out. You need a lot of foundation, a lot of eye makeup and a bold red lip to show off your features on the ice. Off the ice, I like a fresh face. I always wear lipstick and mascara. I like COVERGIRL’s LipPerfection Lipcolor in Seduce and COVERGIRL’s Bombshell Volume Mascara for volumized, jet-black lashes. I try to keep less on my face when I’m off the ice so my skin stays fresh and clean.

GS: How do you guys get your make up to stay put!?

Gracie: I try to wear waterproof eye products like mascara and COVERGIRL’s Ink It! liners. I also do my lips just before I take to the ice.

GS: Is there anything you do to represent America as far as your look is concerned?

Gracie: The red lipstick I wear is pretty iconic. Today, I’m sporting red, white and blue nail art with COVERGIRL’s Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss (pictured).

GS: What is the best beauty trick you’ve learned that you use for your performances?

Gracie: When applying my red lip, I use red lipstick, red gloss, and red lip liner. I always apply the lipstick with a lip brush. That’s how I get it to stay put.

-- Ryan Patterson

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