Man Arrested For Allegedly Stalking Uma Thurman

An obsessed Uma Thurman fan has been busted for allegedly harassing the movie star.

In court papers obtained by Access Hollywood, Jack Jordan is accused of stalking the actress over the past two years.

The criminal complaint against Jordan contains charges of Attempted Coercion, Aggravated Harassment and Stalking.

The papers also detail some of Jordan’s alleged bizarre behavior over the years, which includes sleeping in his car while parked on Uma’s street and trying to give the actress a cartoon drawing of himself which showed himself “walking along the edge of a razor blade” while Uma is “digging a grave” for him.

Jordan allegedly showed up on the set of one of Uma’s films in 2005 and tried to give the drawing to her. The next day, his family had Jordan “involuntarily committed to a hospital for mental health treatment,” the papers state. He has since been released.

In letters he attempted to leave for Uma, Jordan stated “I feel afraid that if I see you out again with another man, I will want to kill myself, maybe even after we meet,” according to the criminal complaint.

According to the papers, Jordan said he “has been in love with [Uma] for many years” and that he feels he and the actress “are fated to be together.”

A source tells Access Hollywood that Jordan first tried to connect with Uma when he began corresponding with her father, Robert Thurman (and Indo-Tibetan Buddhism professor at Columbia University) about Buddhism. According to the source, when Jordan began asking questions about Uma, her father became suspicious and stopped e-mailing back.

The source said Jordan was indicted this morning and confessed in a video taped statement.

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