Man In Gas Mask Stops Annie Lennox Concert

Popular singer Annie Lennox fled the stage when a man wearing a gas mask and cape appeared in the crowd towards the end of her set at Macky Auditorium on Tuesday.

Lennox spotted the man approaching the stage, tossed her microphone to the ground, and ducked backstage without saying a word to the audience. She describes the incident as “really freakish and disturbing” on her Blog.

Annie returned to the stage after the masked and caped 32-year-old Denver resident was removed, according to University of Colorado Police Sgt. Gary Arai.

“A fellow who was dressed in a black cape, platform boots and a gas mask approached the stage,” Arai told Boulder’s Daily Camera. “Lennox saw him coming and threw down her microphone and went backstage.”

It’s not clear if charges will be filed against the man, as he didn’t climb the stage. The gas-masked cape-wearing man’s name has not been released, because he has not been charged with a crime.

Lennox, whose career spans three decades, reached her limit at the sight of the gas-masked man. “I’m usually very patient and easy going with most kinds of behaviour in an audience…,” Lennox wrote. “But that was really freakish and disturbing, whatever the hell it was. He owes me and my band a f–king apology.”

The incident was traumatic enough to send the singer straight to her tour bus avoiding the fans waiting meet her. On her Blog, Lennox apologized about having to duck out, “I send my apologies to anyone who waited. What a drag. If you ask anyone who’s waited for me after any of my shows, they’ll tell you that I usually spend quite some time signing etc… But you know what…Hey… I’m a human being folks… (sic)and I just needed to get out of there because I’d had it. I’m really sorry if you waited for me… normally it would have been completely different.”

Lennox went on to criticize the security at Macky Auditorium, “The security at the hall were extremely lax, and Mr ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ (or whatever weird thing was going on in his head) should never have been allowed to get anywhere near.”

Sgt. Arai says, that in addition to private security, there were two CU police officers on duty.

Annie Lennox is touring the country in support of her recent album, “Songs of Mass Destruction.” She is scheduled to perform tonight in Minneapolis.

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